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This site uses cookies / cookies to improve the functionality and user experience.

A cookie is a mechanism in which your browser can save information from web pages and then send them back to web pages. This is done automatically without having to think about it to the user.

Cookies can have more functions, such as tracking settings, the user to whom you are logged in, access to it, assistance in obtaining the desired content, tracking advertising and much more.

Cookies allow you to track such settings over time, so that information is more accessible when you return to the site. Cookies are also used to temporarily process user information when visiting different parts of the same website.

Two examples of the many features that the site uses to support cookies: one cookie is used to remember the volume settings on the video player, the other is to remember if you crossed this block of information so that you don’t have to watch it again. Next time you visit this site the same device you are using now.

Cookies are automatically saved by your browser as small text files on your computer. You can even change the cookie handling settings in your browser.

Cookies can be provided by any type of content on the site, like text pages, images, and so on. Cookies are returned only to the site from which you received them, and not to other sites.

Many websites, including this one, do not work properly if you do not allow the use of cookies.

This site uses cookies to handle three levels of functionality:

Critical cookies are used to track information about users, access, personal settings, and more. Without this, the site does not work properly.

Analytical cookies are used to track website traffic, which parts are most popular, which are used more and more often. Portions of these files are third-party cookies provided by third-party service providers. Cookies with an analytic function are used to improve the site (which is constantly evolving), but they are not critical to the functionality of the site.

Advertising cookies are used by internal and third-party advertising systems to track and track ad impressions.

By law, this information must be made available to you as users of websites that use such cookies.




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